Friends of the Glen Cove Senior Center

SAGE Inaugurates New Officers: Each year brings new moments and celebrates the past. This year we are thrilled to welcome a new President, Lee DelValle, a longtime resident of Glen Cove and retired Glen Cove teacher. She has been on the SAGE Board for several years and is excited to continue the good work that the past president, Marilyn Brenner, has done. The new vice-president is Louise Brooks also a long time resident of Glen Cove and a local real estate broker. She too has big shoes to fill as Dr. Michael Dubin was our previous vice-president. Together they bring new energy and creativity to what is already a talented group of people. . Our treasurer remains Peter Heilig who is a local CPA with his own practice. He is and has been a valuable asset to our Board. Donna McNaughton, Esq. will continue to be our legal counsel. She keeps us all towing the line, which is wonderful. Co-secretaries are Nina Held and Pat Parmalee. They too are longtime local residents and are great at their job. 

The mission of SENIOR MOMENTS radio show is to inform seniors that "there is a life after retirement" and to celebrate the arts and entertainment we experience during our golden years. We discuss almost any subject from starting a bread baking business to visiting with congressmen. All topics are fair game. We want seniors to feel there is another life outside of their homes. It is up to them to choose what they wish to do with their time. Every SENIOR MOMENTS show is closed with the phrase "YOUTH IS A GIFT OF NATURE BUT AGE IS A WORK OF ART". Nina and Stuart Held (SAGE Board members)are the hosts (headphones), Maria Stielitz is the producer and Dale Zurbrick is the music consultant. the Glen Cove Senior Center is the sponsor. Please tune in to wcwp 88.1 FM on Tuesdays from 11-12 to hear this wonderful show for yourself or visit them at 

This year's Golf Outing fundraiser was a huge success with revenues topping all previous years. Our thanks go out to all those in the community who participated either by playing golf, dining with us or enjoying the whole fun filled day. Without you we would not be able to do all of the wonderful things we do for the Senior Center. Also the efforts of the golf committee spearheaded by Linda Thompson and Pat Parmalee were unparalleled. The task was herculean and they made it look easy. Thank you again for your support.